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Since Baby Teeth Are Temporary, Are They Important?

Are baby teeth important

We often hear people downplay the importance of primary teeth (also called “baby” or “milk” teeth).  The front 4 primary teeth generally last until 6-7 years of age, while the back teeth (cuspids and molars) aren’t replaced until age 10-13.  People mistakenly believe that since these teeth are temporary, that they do not matter in the long run.  This will often lead to the neglect of primary teeth and can cause permanent damage.

In truth, it is very important to care for the health of the primary teeth. Untreated cavities frequently lead to problems which have long term effects on developing permanent teeth. Here are four reasons why caring for primary teeth is so important:

(1) Proper chewing and eating.  A cavity free mouth often means that it’s easier to enjoy healthy foods without pain or discomfort.  It also means that children are more likely to chew their food completely and are less likely to develop bad eating habits.

(2) Providing space for the permanent teeth.  Primary teeth reserve space for the permanent teeth.  They help in guiding primary teeth into the correct position.

(3) Permitting normal development of the jaw bones and muscles.  Like any muscle, your baby’s face and jaw muscles need exercise to help them develop; healthy primary teeth allow for proper chewing to build these muscles.  Without well-developed jaw muscles, your baby’s jawbones may not develop properly.

(4) Proper development of speech.  Missing teeth can affect the ability for a child to form words and learn to speak properly.  These speech problems can translate into difficulty later in life.

Aside from the reasons listed, there is a very practical reason for taking care of primary teeth: healthy smiles add to an overall attractive appearance which encourages a positive self esteem and good self image.

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  1. Don Davies

    I have to agree with this. That’s why you need to keep tabs on dental health. That’s why even my kids have really started on their dental health care with a pediatric Dentist Chandler AZ based clinic and I plan on teaching them to value their teeth!


  2. Edward Reeves

    Thanks for this. My newborn baby just started teething and I’ve also been given advise by a friend of mine over at who is a pediatric dentist Mesa AZ based professional that it’s also equally important to really take care of milk teeth because it’s vital to the future development of permanent teeth.


  3. Hardy Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics

    Both parents and children may be nervous about their child’s first dentist appointment. Parents may be concerned that their children may suffer pain or that they will not grasp what is going on.

    Children, on the other hand, may be terrified by the noise that an unknown place can produce. During their initial visit to the pediatric dentist, it’s critical to put them at ease.

    I believe that finding a competent pediatric dentist in your area is critical.


  4. Abirra Nartel

    Baby teeth are important for childhood development. Healthy baby teeth help young children speak clearly, express emotions through smiling and chewing properly. Missing or decayed teeth can make it difficult to eat certain foods. It is also necessary to have their teeth checked regularly. I started bringing my kids to their dentist at,-111.7592764,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x872bac0640581bb1:0x2d41525f6af6fbab!8m2!3d33.3225235!4d-111.7570877 at a very early age.


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